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A diverse Global search platform showcasing all aspects of the world of freight, logistics and supply chains. The World relies so heavily on the freight industry to keep it fed, clothed, supplied with vital medical equipment, movement of people’s personal effects and of course all things large and small that are imported & exported.

World Freight Direct.Com is a purpose-built one-stop global logistics platform designed to simplify the search for freight & logistics movements via air, sea, road and rail.

Find domestic, local, national and international service specialists for dry cargo, cold storage, pick and pack, warehousing, general transport, courier services, and parcel post deliveries. Experienced Freight Companies that handle everything from perishable foods to dangerous goods can prepare the various required documentation including letters of credit and customs clearance.

These experienced freight companies provide a vital daily service to the vast Hospitality, Leisure, and Tourism industries. Be it for general cargo, food, beverages, oversized cargo, or personal effects, you need to look no further to find logistics solutions for all your various transport needs.

WORLD FREIGHT DIRECT.COM is a crucial part of the world's most innovative information platforms interacting with 4 industry related industries, Fine Food and Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism and most important Hospitality Charities a strictly non -for profit Global Charities site supporting the hospitality industries

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